Religion Soul Retrieval


Today we explore our needs for Soul Restoration. The focus of this drum journey is- Needed Soul Retrieval because of experiences related to Religion. Maybe there is an untended experience in your past that might benefit from Soul Retrieval, Retrieval of Power, or Repair of an old Wound. If you are unsure what to do in relation to an old experience that caused pain, ask your Mentor/Guide/Teacher in the Spirit World.  This journey can be done again and again, focusing on different experiences, or multiple layers of injury. Trust your Inner Wisdom!

Animist Ministers Share their Experience


In September 2016, eight beautiful beings completed a yearlong program to become ordained Animist ministers through Earth Web Media's Web of Life Church.

During our last weekend together, each minister shared words for the greater world, and we created rhythm together, combining them all into a powerful message with many viewpoints- however different, we all have a love of the Earth, and know we are a part of the Whole.  Each minister speaks about their own unique and personal relationship with this reality we are calling "Animism". No one speaks for another.  Blessings to all.

The next one year program in Tucson begins the weekend of October 22-23 2016.  There will also be training programs based in Phoenix, AZ and Portland, OR in 2017.  Find out more information HERE.


Equinox Balance Drum Journey


It is Autumn Equinox and so it is time for balance.  This is a drum meditation with Quynn, about balance between light and dark. Who can bring you something helpful about balancing between light and dark, in you, and around you? Tis the season!

Twilight Wisdom Drum Journey


Twilight is a powerful time. The shifting of day and night, light and dark, sun and moon.  What is the power of Twilight for you and how can it help you in your life? How have you connected with twilight in the past and what is the teaching in it for you now?

The Power of Bone Drum Journey


There is power in Bone. All beings who have bones are connected in this way. Bones hold us up in this life, and connect us to our ancestors.  What do your bones, and Bone in All need you to know right now?

Guardian of Shadow Drum Journey


We all have Shadows. Often, those areas within our personality that we find displeasing, are called our "Shadow".  Who do you call upon when working with your Shadow Self? Who is your Guardian for this work?