Synergy-Flying from the Nest


A Gift of Synergy


New Moon March 2017- Clearing, Tending and Fortifying for New Seeds


Welcome to New Moon of March 2017!

Before we plant new seeds in our life, it is helpful to clear, tend and fortify our garden soil (our Life) to prepare for new seeds.  This is our focus today! What needs to be cleared? Tended? Fortified?

New 🌒 blessings!

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Flying from the Nest- Ghostlands


Imagine your nest as you take off in flight. The place to visit is called "Ghostlands", for some reason that has meaning and a message for you. Is there a ghost of another, or of Self, that is ready to be tended or heard? Ask for a guide as you fly in search of "Ghostlands", or some other place or message will come for what you need most right NOW.

Settle in, I will guide you at the beginning, and then you practice Flying!


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Flying from the Nest 2.24.2016


A drum journey to help you learn more about your ability to FLY.

Safe Space Journey


We all need a safe space in our lives, and within our imagination.


Animist Ancestor Connection Journey


During the time of the thinning veil between worlds, take this opportunity to connect with an Animist Ancestor who understands you, and is ready to help you in a meaningful way.

Wise Stone Ancestor Drum Journey


Stone People have been with Humans since our beginning.  From sand to pebble to boulder to mountain, Stones are our teachers and help us ground in this physical reality. What messages are ready to be shared between you and the stones that live near you right now?

Change of Season Drum Journey


When the seasons change we feel it, along with every other being.  How are you feeling the change of season right now? What messages are available to you about these changes?

Religion Soul Retrieval


Today we explore our needs for Soul Restoration. The focus of this drum journey is- Needed Soul Retrieval because of experiences related to Religion. Maybe there is an untended experience in your past that might benefit from Soul Retrieval, Retrieval of Power, or Repair of an old Wound. If you are unsure what to do in relation to an old experience that caused pain, ask your Mentor/Guide/Teacher in the Spirit World.  This journey can be done again and again, focusing on different experiences, or multiple layers of injury. Trust your Inner Wisdom!

Equinox Balance Drum Journey


It is Autumn Equinox and so it is time for balance.  This is a drum meditation with Quynn, about balance between light and dark. Who can bring you something helpful about balancing between light and dark, in you, and around you? Tis the season!

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