Rhythms of Mindfulness-Digestion of Energies


On this day after Thanksgiving, Relax and Digest what is no longer needed, or not yours!

This podcast is brought to you by Web of Life Journey Club.



Rhythms of Mindfulness Meditation-Clearing


For this end-of-summer rhythmic meditation, the focus is on clearing. In the week after the eclipse and in Mercury retrograde we all have something we could clear.

Rhythms of Mindfulness July 2017 Gentle Body Balancing


These words and sounds are offered to help you gently balance the energies in your body.

Rhythms of Mindfulness May 2017


Welcome to this guided meditation. The singing bowl was played very quietly in the room, and it came through the mic much more strongly. If it feels too intense, know it only lasts a few minutes. You can turn down volume for this part.


Beltane Guided Meditation and Journey


For Beltane, a blossoming guided meditation and journey for you.

Guided Meditation for Balance and Blooming


I had a session with a dear friend today and I offered to share an impromptu guided meditation. I recorded it. This is what came.to me. No script. I speak what I see and add intuitively guided sound. I apologize for any sound imperfections. Blessings to you, your perfection and your challenge. May we all bloom.


Rhythms of Mindfulness-March 2017


The focus of this rhythmic guided meditation is BLOSSOMING.

Centered and Calm for Thanksgiving Stress


A few words and a bit of drum offered today. There is much stress floating around on this holiday, take care of yourself! We need you!


Election Anxiety-Drum for Calm and Center


November 8, 2:45 in the afternoon. Election Day. . Here is a bit of a drumbeat to help you calm and clear if and when needed.


WOLF Guided Meditation


This guided meditation with Quynn guides you to breathe with Wolf and ask for your Wolf Guardian.  Includes Rattle.

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