Enactment Theater-The Theary of NOW


This bit of theatrical wisdom was channeled and recorded by Quynn Red Mountain in 2010, yet it was buried in a hard drive until now.  Let us practice benevolent contact with Beings like Us in the ever-present Nows.  


A New Gregorian Year Message from the Mother of Time


Hi all, Quynn here-

I wrote and recorded this segment for "New Years" over a decade ago for a community radio show called "Broad Perspectives" on KXCI 91.3fm in Tucson, AZ.  It is a humorous view of the turn of the Gegorian calendar and mechanical clock from the perspective of "the Mother of Time".  May we have humor, beauty, and centeredness in Natural Rhythms in this coming year!  Blessings to you and all. 


Animist Ministers Share their Experience


In September 2016, eight beautiful beings completed a yearlong program to become ordained Animist ministers through Earth Web Media's Web of Life Church.

During our last weekend together, each minister shared words for the greater world, and we created rhythm together, combining them all into a powerful message with many viewpoints- however different, we all have a love of the Earth, and know we are a part of the Whole.  Each minister speaks about their own unique and personal relationship with this reality we are calling "Animism". No one speaks for another.  Blessings to all.

The next one year program in Tucson begins the weekend of October 22-23 2016.  There will also be training programs based in Phoenix, AZ and Portland, OR in 2017.  Find out more information HERE.




In the heart of summer monsoon season in Tucson Arizona, Web of Life Animist Gathering honored MONSOON. 5 Animist performers shared original presentations (storytelling, guided meditation and clearing) that expressed our relationship with this powerful Ancestor! This audio segment highlights two of the spoken word segments, Jacob Gardener and Dee Owl Woman, with thunder and rain. Enjoy!


Gratitude and Compassion-Web of Life Animists host Closing Ceremony for Tucson Peace Fair



Friends of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts, and EarthWeb Media's Animist Gathering, offer the closing ceremony for this year's(34th annual) Tucson Peace Fair.  The theme this yearis "Compassion". Specifically, "Compassion forRefugees". 




Quynn- Spoken Word and Rattle

Dee-Flute and Drum

Robert- Spoken Word and Rattle


Jim- Drum

Elisabeth- Drum and Bell


Web of Life Animist Ministers


Upon completing the yearlong training program, these 9 Animists shared their thoughts and feelings about Animism and their unique place within the living world. Each person is sharing their personal experience and does not speak for any other person or group.

The rhythm in the background was created by the 9 (Dee, Stuart, Jim, Elisabeth, Clay, Devra, Jacob, Ramjeet, Robert), plus Quynn Red Mountain, on the last day of their program.


Understanding the Spirits of your Sickness- Sickness as Calling


This short segment of a recent Shamanic Workshop with Quynn Red Mountain shares Quynn's thoughts about being Called by Sickness to change and evolve...sometimes even to become a healer. Understanding the Spirits of your Sickness is a one time workshop, offered in Tucson, and soon offered as a prerecorded workshop at www.shamanworld.com  If you are "sick" and want to shamanically explore what is happening, look into Quynn's course Weaving Well through Illness (offered in Tucson, AZ and online).

Blessings to you,


Shamanic Prayer for Children with Elisabeth Black


For Children, and those who were once Children, Elisabeth Black shares a shamanic prayer filled with peace, gentle compassion, strength, hope, and unity.

Now you have the opportunity to join us in a Prayer for Children by listening to this recording of our prayer.

Let your heart be filled with love and light and share this with children in need.

Go back to a time when your child self needed extra love and send some to him or her now.

Elisabeth Black is a teacher, shamanic intuitive, and founder of Shamanic Children and Sensorium for Kids


BE COME RAIN- Sound and Movement Monsoon Journey-Recap


In order to pray for something, and to honor it, it is helpful to become that thing, to the best of our ability. As we feel it, hear it, love it, then we can more likely receive and share it.

In the Sonoran Desert, we are in that fabulous season we call Monsoon!  While some rain has fallen from the sky already, our desert still needs rain.  We need rain.    We have been blessed to feel the rhythms of Rain, and for this event we used the sound collage and rhythms to embody and honor the water that moistens us. ON the day of the event (August 6, 2015), there was fire in the Catalina Mountains above Tucson.  We asked the rain beings to help control the fire.

The audio presented is the intro and outro of the 45 minute sound collage created by Quynn Red Mountain of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts. Nature sounds recorded by Quynn around the western United States. Intro voice- Ramjeet Kaur- Outro voice and poem- Quynn Red Mountain. Drumming-Quynn


Cannabis Journeys-Shamanic Meditations to Consult the Spirit of Marijuana


This audio circle is hosted by Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner and OOlah (One Who Balances).  She is also a shamanic performer and Animist Minister for Earth Web Media.  Quynn has practiced the shamanic arts since 1997 and in 2014 she was accepted into the Arizona Medical Marijuana program for a diagnosis of Cancer. Cannabis has been a great spiritual teacher for Quynn, and now she is blending her worlds publicly. Her intention is to create a safe space and drumbeat for people who are in the care of the Spirit of Cannabis, and those who want a more direct dialog with this powerful teacher. This podcast circle is specifically for those in a state Medical Marijuana program, and those who want to consult the Cannabis Goddess/Godd/Spirit regarding something in their life (healing, insight, divination, consoling,prayer).

Each episode will begin with an opening intention and prayer.  Quynn will share an example of the spiritual use of Cannabis around the world, and then she will guide listeners on a spirit world drum journey so each person can have a personal experience. Listeners can call or chat to share their journeying experience. The circle is closed with gratitude for the wisdom shared from the Spirit of the plant, and from within ourselves.

Please do not listen to this audio while driving or anything potentially dangerous (physically or spiritually). The drumbeat creates a trance, treat it respectfully.

Listen if you are curious.  Listen if you are in need of healing. Listen to bring balance to your relationship with Cannabis.  Honor the plant with other likeminded Humans.

Our Shared Stories are our Combined Power

Find out more about Quynn's approach to shamanizing at www.shamanworld.com


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