Shamana Strong-Self Care-Animist Storytelling


In this episode of Shamana Strong, she asks her inner teachers about self-care. How can she feel better? Hear her teachers share their "answer". 

Shamana Strong is a character that comes to Quynn when she is out in Nature.  This rhyming spiritual seeker shares stories about the voices in her head, and the teachers that always help her.


An Old Bobcat and a River-Animist Storytelling


Quynn had an experience in 2007 with an old bobcat at a glacial river called the Hoh, and she happened to have her camera with her. This is her telling of the meaningful story. 

The video is found here


Shamana Strong-True Voices-Animist Storytelling


This rhyming poem/story came into Quynn's head in the summer of 2009 while staying without electricity on public lands around the western United States.
Shamana Strong is a spiritual seeker who hears her teachers in her head.

Quynn recorded and edited this audio.

This segment is about Hearing Voices.


Shamana Strong-Belonging to Earth-Animist Storytelling


Quynn Red Mountain wrote this rhyming poem while living in her van and traveling thru Utah in 2008. Her original series Shamana Strong features a spiritual seeker who hears her teachers inside her head, and in Nature. 


Raven’s Voice Animist Storytelling


Quynn shares a story she wrote of a woman who loves Ravens.  She learns how to "Talk Raven" in her mind.

Written, Narrated and Acted (in the video) by Quynn, a Raven woman herself.    

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Mother of Time-Animist Storytelling with Quynn


Quynn wrote, narrated and edited this story (nature sounds recorded by Quynn over the years too) that was aired many years ago on Broad Perspectives (for, by and about women) Radio on KXCI Community Radio in Tucson, AZ ( A fun storytelling from the Mother of Time for the turn of the year. Happy 2015! Enjoy!


My Indigenous Heart


In poetic form, Quynn shares her thoughts about being Indigenous, and being a Visitor in Nature, and how she feels the land that she loves has adopted her.  A message for all who want to connect with the land where they live, and visit...even if their DNA is from somewhere else.

This segment was created while Quynn was on her summer migration in 2010, after traveling many miles around the public lands of the western United States.  This segment was recorded while she was in Idaho, on the LoLo pass. 


White Woman Ways with Shamana Strong


This poem came to me after the experience described in the poem, which happened on my 41st birthday (also referring to an experience 6 or 7 years before that).  I found it scribbled on a piece of paper recently, unrecorded.  I recorded and edited it this week, a couple weeks before my 47th birthday.  I hope you find enjoyment in it :)


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