A New Version of Self-New Moon SuperMoon June 2017


SuperMoon New Moon in Cancer, just after Solstice! Let it go and Redo!

Animist Rising- Wolf Spirit


Quynn Red Mountain shares a drum prayer for honoring the Wolf Spirit in Ourselves.


Spirit Of Wind.mp3


This audio experience with Quynn was recorded from her van, in a burned out forest at 8,000 feet in eastern Arizona. Just a little ramble and drum on a windy day.


Full Moon June 2017-Big Change in Slow Steps


Recorded in the White Mountains of AZ and NM. Happy full moon, our last before solstice!

Rhythms of Mindfulness May 2017


Welcome to this guided meditation. The singing bowl was played very quietly in the room, and it came through the mic much more strongly. If it feels too intense, know it only lasts a few minutes. You can turn down volume for this part.


Beltane Guided Meditation and Journey


For Beltane, a blossoming guided meditation and journey for you.

Synergy-Flying from the Nest


A Gift of Synergy


Guided Meditation for Balance and Blooming


I had a session with a dear friend today and I offered to share an impromptu guided meditation. I recorded it. This is what came.to me. No script. I speak what I see and add intuitively guided sound. I apologize for any sound imperfections. Blessings to you, your perfection and your challenge. May we all bloom.


Shagan-New Moon Journey April 2017


We are almost halfway between equinox and solstice. How is your life feeling? Any blind spots or dark areas that could use a fresh perspective? Ask that hiding moon!

Also, Mercury retrograde still looms...Any sticky areas in your life? Ask the moon for feedback.

New Moon blessings to you!

Until Full Moon


Rhythms of Mindfulness April


Relax and Refresh your Self with this half hour meditation. Spring Blessings!

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