Synergy-Flying from the Nest


A Gift of Synergy


Guided Meditation for Balance and Blooming


I had a session with a dear friend today and I offered to share an impromptu guided meditation. I recorded it. This is what me. No script. I speak what I see and add intuitively guided sound. I apologize for any sound imperfections. Blessings to you, your perfection and your challenge. May we all bloom.


Shagan-New Moon Journey April 2017


We are almost halfway between equinox and solstice. How is your life feeling? Any blind spots or dark areas that could use a fresh perspective? Ask that hiding moon!

Also, Mercury retrograde still looms...Any sticky areas in your life? Ask the moon for feedback.

New Moon blessings to you!

Until Full Moon


Rhythms of Mindfulness April


Relax and Refresh your Self with this half hour meditation. Spring Blessings!

Full Moon April 2017 Ascension to the Upper World


The theme for this Full Moon journey to to Ascend to the Upper World for that which you need most right now. 

New Moon March 2017- Clearing, Tending and Fortifying for New Seeds


Welcome to New Moon of March 2017!

Before we plant new seeds in our life, it is helpful to clear, tend and fortify our garden soil (our Life) to prepare for new seeds.  This is our focus today! What needs to be cleared? Tended? Fortified?

New 🌒 blessings!

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Spring Equinox Journey Circle


On this day of balance we explore the words VISION and FOOL (as in the Fool card of the Tarot).

Flying from the Nest- Ghostlands


Imagine your nest as you take off in flight. The place to visit is called "Ghostlands", for some reason that has meaning and a message for you. Is there a ghost of another, or of Self, that is ready to be tended or heard? Ask for a guide as you fly in search of "Ghostlands", or some other place or message will come for what you need most right NOW.

Settle in, I will guide you at the beginning, and then you practice Flying!


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Rhythms of Mindfulness-March 2017


The focus of this rhythmic guided meditation is BLOSSOMING.

Cannabis Shamana-Soul Wounds, Illness and Medical Marijuana


Cannabis is helpful as Physical Medicine, and it is also useful as a Spiritual Medicine. One way that Cannabis can help us is to guide us to learn more about how past painful experiences might contribute to our feeling ill or sick. A short drum helps you focus on this idea. Once you begin to see the links between sickness and soul wounds, spiritual healing can begin. Stay tuned for more episodes about this subject.  Brought to you by Quynn Red Mountain, Animist Minister, Shamanic Practitioner and Medical Marijuana Patient.


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