Ocean Journey


 The waves of the Ocean, the Ocean itself, is your guide for this journey.

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Full Moon Soul Tending Circle-April


For this Full Moon, ask for illumination regarding Soul Tending that is ready to happen for you today! A guided meditation with Rattle, and a Drum journey will light your path.

“Soul Work” happens a bit at a time. Sometimes the “bit” is “big”, and sometimes “small”. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Utilizing the drumbeat and intention, you can be your own healing helper and retrieve and soothe parts of your Soul that can help activate Peace in your life. Quynn is your guide.

Tending your Soul might involve connecting with needed Spirit Guardians, activating your Soul’s next step in your evolution, tending parts of your Soul that have been hurt by life/past life experiences, and exploring energetic body balancing. The intention for this circle is to grow more Peace in our lives, and this world.

You are here for a reason. You have particular gifts that your guides want you to share. If you feel there is something holding you back from your full potential, come join this circle and let stone friends help you in the ways that you need most right now. The intention is to be your own healing facilitator and activator, for your own highest good.

There will be one guided meditation with rattle, and one drum journey, to Quynn’s drum.  No expectations about what is to happen.  With mindfulness and compassion towards Self, You hold space for your own Soul.

IMAGINATION Guided Meditation


Your Imagination is a sacred place, thing, and being.  That might sound crazy...but what it if is not crazy at all?  Want a Spiritual Practice? Know, and Love, your imagination. :)

More info at:  http://www.shamanworld.com/online-learning/audio-journey-club/

420 Heartfelt Blessings-Cannabis Journeys


On this day, 4/20, Quynn Red Mountain offers this rhythmic meditation, a prayer really, for all people who have been prosecuted, persecuted and confined for their use of Cannabis. May we send heartfelt blessings to all who have suffered, and are suffering now, for communing with this plant.


Waking Snake Wisdom Drum Journey


The weather is warming and Snake is waking.  How does Spirit Snake Wisdom want to teach you now? Before this journey, set your intention that you are connecting with the helpful spirit of Snake in your Inner World.

Cannabis Journeys Clearing what is not Helpful


The focus of this guided meditation and short drum is for you to listen within and around you for sounds that are not helpful to you.  The drum and your Cannabis Teacher can help you clear it/them, and then focus on that which is helpful to you. Quynn Red Mountain is your guide.


Shamanic Journey Circle April 3 2016


This month's shamanic journey circle asks the Runes and Animal friends to guide us. The Runes picked were "Growth" and "Gateway". The Animal guides were Cougar and Alligator.  Enjoy!