Your Relationship with Air Beings


It is summer, and as always Air can be our friend, teacher, or nemesis.  This drum journey will guide you to explore your relationship with Air in its many forms.

Learning from the Edge Drum Journey


Summer Solstice 2016 with Earth Web Media


Quynn, Elisabeth and Jacob share blessings from the White Mountains of AZ, the location of the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Area.


Solstice Guardian Drum Journey


It is June, time of Solstice. In the northern hemisphere we celebrate Summer Solstice, in the southern hemisphere, it is Winter Solstice.  This journey is for Summer Solstice, the time of the Great Sun, whenever that is for you.  There is a Solstice Guardian who has a message for you.  What message do you need right now?

Wolf Woman Drum Journey


Wolf is an ancient wisdom keeper, yet is currently hated by many humans.  Find the Power of Wolf for you right now, through Wolf Woman.  (Track includes Wolf howls)

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Online Shamanic Journey Circle June 2016


Blessings to those in the circle live, and all of you who listen in your own time and space!  Included in the membership of the Web of Life Audio Journey Club!

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Spirit of Change Drum Journey


Contemplate the Change that is present in your life, Change that wants to happen, and call upon the Spirit of Change to help you understand, see or release something that is important right now.

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