Shagan-New Moon December 2016


This New Moon is the last of Gregorian year 2016 and the first after Winter Solstice. What seeds did you plant last year that did not grow as intended? Which ones did? What seeds for nourishment are you planting for this next year? Rattle and Drum guide this intentional journey.

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Shagan-Winter Solstice 2016 Journey Circle


A good Solstice to you! Winter in the north and Summer in the south.  For those of us in winter, the time of the long night is a potent occasion to assess where you have been, and where you intend to go.  Pause at the gateway between the last solar year, and the next. Rattle and drum guide these two journeys. 

Winter Solstice Blessing


Winter Solstice is in a few days. I was asked by Kate Becker to share a Winter Solstice Blessing at her Sonoran Solstice Music Show in Tucson, AZ. It was an honor to share this intuitive Blessing with the crowd last night.  Wherever you are, whenever you listen, you can add your energy to this blessing that is constantly being infused with intention and hope. 


Shagan-Full Moon December 2016


OThis is the last full moon before Solstice, and the year 2016. We are also in a potent time culturally, and as humans.  This.journey is by rattle and wind chime. Black Tourmaline is a guardian. What do you need to know, see, do and be at this important time?

Sun Warmed Hearts Drumming


This double drum is to send warmth to all those who are cold right now. As a particular prayer, from our hearts we thank the Sun for warming those at Standing Rock on this cold winter night. Blessed be Protectors.


Prayer Circle for Water and those who Protect


On Sunday, Dec 4, 2016, People came together in Our Nest (sacred space in Tucson AZ, home of Intuitive Shamanic Animists-ISA) to pray. We drummed, sang, made rhythm and singing bowl to amplify our prayers of Peace and Protection.  As we began, we were brought the news of the Army Corp decision to deny the permit for DAPL.

These words, music and the silent prayers in the room joined with many thousands who also were praying for the veterans arrival at Standing Rock, for the Water Protectors, and also for those who are/defending the pipeline construction. Thank you Phil Cash Cash for your opening prayer, Ramjeet for your forgiveness song, and Quynn Red Mountain for closing words. Thank you beautiful people who shared prayerful rhythm, voice and silence.

While the entire circle lasted 90 minutes, due to sound quality of some voices, they were edited out of this recording.