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Quynn Red Mountain hosts this podcast in honor of the Spirit of Cannabis on this day of 4/20. Cannabis is a medicine for the Body, Mind and Spirit, and Quynn drums for you to connect with the benefits you receive from your relationship with this meaningful plant. 


Cannabis is helpful as Physical Medicine, and it is also useful as a Spiritual Medicine. One way that Cannabis can help us is to guide us to learn more about how past painful experiences might contribute to our feeling ill or sick. A short drum helps you focus on this idea. Once you begin to see the links between sickness and soul wounds, spiritual healing can begin. Stay tuned for more episodes about this subject.  Brought to you by Quynn Red Mountain, Animist Minister, Shamanic Practitioner and Medical Marijuana Patient.

The focus of this guided meditation and short drum is for you to listen within and around you for sounds that are not helpful to you.  The drum and your Cannabis Teacher can help you clear it/them, and then focus on that which is helpful to you. Quynn Red Mountain is your guide.


Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner, Animist Minister and MMJ patient, guides you into your inner worlds, with the help of your Cannabis Teacher. For those who are the student, and patient, of Cannabis, this guided experience uses drum, wind chime and rattle to create a trance-like state so you can relax, tune in, and connect with your body in your imagination.

Quynn's intent with these podcasts is to offer Spiritual and Meditative Resources for Medical Marijuana/Cannabis patients, especially those who are stressed in body, mind and/or spirit.

Please do not listen to this audio while driving or anything potentially dangerous (physically or spiritually). The drumbeat creates a trance, treat it respectfully.


Cannabis is a powerful spiritual teacher. that has been with humanity for thousands of years. More and more people are now able to legally access Cannabis through medical marijuana programs, as well as through legalization. Due to the prohibition of this plant for so long, there have been many unhelpful attitudes professed about this sacred plant, and many people have had negative attitudes or experiences about or with Cannabis.  There is also a lack of spiritual information and guidance about this medicine.

This guided meditation, in Quynn's voice, and with Quynn's drum, is offered in good will for those who are new to the idea of Cannabis as Medicine, and/or for those weighted down with fears about the plant generally and who are ready to heal old wounds.  This meditation can be an opportunity to open to the Spirit of Cannabis as it presents itself to you. Unburden yourself of your negative attitudes and past experiences with this plant teacher. Listen for the teachings. Feel the feelings. Heal the soul wounds. Cannabis wants to help.

This meditation does not encourage people to utilize Cannabis, but it was created for those who are legally ready to commune with this plant medicine in a new way.   

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