Winter Solstice Journey Circle with Quynn Red Mountain


Two drum journeys and a guided rattle meditation are included in this shamanic journey circle I offered last year (2016). Many blessings to you as we all move through this threshold into our collective "future"!

Please listen to this audio when you can safely turn inwards.  Not while driving please!!!

This podcast is a part of Earth Web Media's Web of Life Animist Church.


Drumming in Veiled Space


During the last week of diminishing light before Winter Solstice, it is warm where Quynn is. A string of events leads her to journey with a veil/head cloth, creating an inner space with the drum. You can join her in this journey here, and at


Rhythms of Mindfulness-Digestion of Energies


On this day after Thanksgiving, Relax and Digest what is no longer needed, or not yours!

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Animist Soul Medic Training-An Introduction


Greetings friends, Quynn here,

The Sunday version of the Animist Soul Medic program begins on November 5, and so I invite you to listen to the audio version of a recent Introductory circle- 

Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church seeks Earth honoring People around the globe who feel called to support others in their communities as Animist Soul Medic Practitioners in the Web of Life tradition*.

I spoke about:

-ISA's approach to Animism 
-The subjects covered in the Animist Soul Medic Training

*The Web of Life Tradition- We are all connected by, and an equal thread in, the Sacred Web of Life. Earth Web Media (a legal Animist “Church”)  trains and empowers Earth Honoring People of all Genders, Cultures, and Bio=Regions who are called by their Ancestors to practice the intuitive   and healing arts on behalf of other People in their communities. Together we create a sacred bridge to harmony within and between Humans, Non-Human Beings in all forms, and the Spirits of Earth and beyond.  

Animist Soul Medic- . An Animist who is committed to utilizing their skills to hold sacred space for their Earth Honoring Kin using peer-to-peer tools (see below).  An Animist Soul Medic is capable of holding space for those in need of spiritual support due to living in the dominant culture and in challenging life situations. Trained Animist Soul Medics utilize spiritual tools and ceremonies for clearing and balancing within Self and Communities.  

Find out details about the program- 



Full Moon October 2017 Ancestor Resolution


For this Full moon in the month of Halloween and the thinned veil between worlds, the drumbeats ask us to ask our ancestors "what is ready for resolution?"

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Fly High with Condor-New Moon 9.17


Recorded on the new Moon in Sept of 2017, in the high country of Northern Arizona, Quynn shares her drum with the intention of connecting with Condor wisdom!

Full Moon Rattle Journey-Calm in the Storm


Fire, Wind, Water on this Earth. So much stormy energy right now. Who can you call on to stay centered? Blessings to you!

Rhythms of Mindfulness Meditation-Clearing


For this end-of-summer rhythmic meditation, the focus is on clearing. In the week after the eclipse and in Mercury retrograde we all have something we could clear.

Rhythmic Prayer for All of us.


This rhythmic Prayer is an intuitively created sound journey by a group of 4 human friends of Intuitive Shamanic Animists (ISA) in Tucson, Az. Our intention was to pray for the collective,  for all of us. We each picked one or two divination cards before the rhythm.  We knew our cards, but not the others. Afterwards we shared our words of intention. We drummed, rattled and sang for Death of Blame, Denial and Honesty, Courage in Adversity.

May it be so.


Flying from the Nest August 2017


Thisjourney is offered free in honor of our August special. Sign up for the premium podcast for one year and receive a 3 pack of Spiritual Assistance audio journeys!  Find out more at link above.

On Aug 12, (the day after recording this journey) Mercury goes Retrograde for the next 3 weeks.

For this month's journey, we pull two divination cards-One from the Osho Zen Tarot and from Rune cards.

Cards picked are:

Slowing Down and Possessions (Rune #11)

Listen to the drum and see what comes.

Blessings to you!




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