WE ARE HERE-Ostara Gathering Meditation with Quynn Red Mountain


The ancestors are so grateful for you! Your younger selves need you! You can fly like a bird and travel through worlds~ Quynn is your guide.


Equinox Balance Circle with Quynn Red Mountain


Equinox, a few days of balance for all humans. Sunday, March 20 2016, in the northern hemisphere, was Spring Equinox... so by Tuesday, what have you noticed still needs balancing? Honor this time with a Soul nourishing, centering and validating guided mediation and short drum journey with Quynn.  Release what is ready to go and activate what is ready to arrive.  Connect with your inner guidance system to help you balance your energies in your own way.    Quynn is your guide.


Cannabis Journeys for Medical Marijuana Patients-Welcome Home


Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner, Animist Minister and MMJ patient, guides you into your inner worlds, with the help of your Cannabis Teacher. For those who are the student, and patient, of Cannabis, this guided experience uses drum, wind chime and rattle to create a trance-like state so you can relax, tune in, and connect with your body in your imagination.

Quynn's intent with these podcasts is to offer Spiritual and Meditative Resources for Medical Marijuana/Cannabis patients, especially those who are stressed in body, mind and/or spirit.

Please do not listen to this audio while driving or anything potentially dangerous (physically or spiritually). The drumbeat creates a trance, treat it respectfully.


Gratitude and Compassion-Web of Life Animists host Closing Ceremony for Tucson Peace Fair



Friends of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts, and EarthWeb Media's Animist Gathering, offer the closing ceremony for this year's(34th annual) Tucson Peace Fair.  The theme this yearis "Compassion". Specifically, "Compassion forRefugees". 




Quynn- Spoken Word and Rattle

Dee-Flute and Drum

Robert- Spoken Word and Rattle


Jim- Drum

Elisabeth- Drum and Bell