New Moon Thinnest Veil October 2016


The first audio circle for Shagan journey club with Quynn Red Mountain.  50 minutes. 2 Drum Journeys.
Tis time of the Scorpio New Moon and the Thinnest Veil between the worlds.
Quynn pulled two I Ching hexagrams for our journeys today-
Sovereignty and Insight
What do your guides and ancestors want to share with you today?

Animist Ancestor Connection Journey


During the time of the thinning veil between worlds, take this opportunity to connect with an Animist Ancestor who understands you, and is ready to help you in a meaningful way.

Wise Stone Ancestor Drum Journey


Stone People have been with Humans since our beginning.  From sand to pebble to boulder to mountain, Stones are our teachers and help us ground in this physical reality. What messages are ready to be shared between you and the stones that live near you right now?

Change of Season Drum Journey


When the seasons change we feel it, along with every other being.  How are you feeling the change of season right now? What messages are available to you about these changes?