Centered Guided Meditation


Focus within and center yourself.
Quynn guides you with her voice and her rattle.

IMAGINATION Guided Meditation


Your Imagination is a sacred place, thing, and being.  That might sound crazy...but what it if is not crazy at all?  Want a Spiritual Practice? Know, and Love, your imagination. :)

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WE ARE HERE-Ostara Gathering Meditation with Quynn Red Mountain


The ancestors are so grateful for you! Your younger selves need you! You can fly like a bird and travel through worlds~ Quynn is your guide.


Equinox Balance Circle with Quynn Red Mountain


Equinox, a few days of balance for all humans. Sunday, March 20 2016, in the northern hemisphere, was Spring Equinox... so by Tuesday, what have you noticed still needs balancing? Honor this time with a Soul nourishing, centering and validating guided mediation and short drum journey with Quynn.  Release what is ready to go and activate what is ready to arrive.  Connect with your inner guidance system to help you balance your energies in your own way.    Quynn is your guide.


Cannabis Journeys for Medical Marijuana Patients-Welcome Home


Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner, Animist Minister and MMJ patient, guides you into your inner worlds, with the help of your Cannabis Teacher. For those who are the student, and patient, of Cannabis, this guided experience uses drum, wind chime and rattle to create a trance-like state so you can relax, tune in, and connect with your body in your imagination.

Quynn's intent with these podcasts is to offer Spiritual and Meditative Resources for Medical Marijuana/Cannabis patients, especially those who are stressed in body, mind and/or spirit.

Please do not listen to this audio while driving or anything potentially dangerous (physically or spiritually). The drumbeat creates a trance, treat it respectfully.


Blessing for the first Web of Life Animist Gathering


Quynn Red Mountain shares a little about the form of the Web of Life Animist Gatherings, and then offers a guided blessing for Animists and our bodies, in relation to the sacred world around us.  Join us for an Animist Gathering in Tucson. Streaming Live coming soon.


Connecting with your Cannabis Teacher-Guided Meditation


Cannabis is a powerful spiritual teacher. that has been with humanity for thousands of years. More and more people are now able to legally access Cannabis through medical marijuana programs, as well as through legalization. Due to the prohibition of this plant for so long, there have been many unhelpful attitudes professed about this sacred plant, and many people have had negative attitudes or experiences about or with Cannabis.  There is also a lack of spiritual information and guidance about this medicine.

This guided meditation, in Quynn's voice, and with Quynn's drum, is offered in good will for those who are new to the idea of Cannabis as Medicine, and/or for those weighted down with fears about the plant generally and who are ready to heal old wounds.  This meditation can be an opportunity to open to the Spirit of Cannabis as it presents itself to you. Unburden yourself of your negative attitudes and past experiences with this plant teacher. Listen for the teachings. Feel the feelings. Heal the soul wounds. Cannabis wants to help.

This meditation does not encourage people to utilize Cannabis, but it was created for those who are legally ready to commune with this plant medicine in a new way.   

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Shamanic Prayer for Children with Elisabeth Black


For Children, and those who were once Children, Elisabeth Black shares a shamanic prayer filled with peace, gentle compassion, strength, hope, and unity.

Now you have the opportunity to join us in a Prayer for Children by listening to this recording of our prayer.

Let your heart be filled with love and light and share this with children in need.

Go back to a time when your child self needed extra love and send some to him or her now.

Elisabeth Black is a teacher, shamanic intuitive, and founder of Shamanic Children and Sensorium for Kids


Cannabis Journeys-Shamanic Meditations to Consult the Spirit of Marijuana


This audio circle is hosted by Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner and OOlah (One Who Balances).  She is also a shamanic performer and Animist Minister for Earth Web Media.  Quynn has practiced the shamanic arts since 1997 and in 2014 she was accepted into the Arizona Medical Marijuana program for a diagnosis of Cancer. Cannabis has been a great spiritual teacher for Quynn, and now she is blending her worlds publicly. Her intention is to create a safe space and drumbeat for people who are in the care of the Spirit of Cannabis, and those who want a more direct dialog with this powerful teacher. This podcast circle is specifically for those in a state Medical Marijuana program, and those who want to consult the Cannabis Goddess/Godd/Spirit regarding something in their life (healing, insight, divination, consoling,prayer).

Each episode will begin with an opening intention and prayer.  Quynn will share an example of the spiritual use of Cannabis around the world, and then she will guide listeners on a spirit world drum journey so each person can have a personal experience. Listeners can call or chat to share their journeying experience. The circle is closed with gratitude for the wisdom shared from the Spirit of the plant, and from within ourselves.

Please do not listen to this audio while driving or anything potentially dangerous (physically or spiritually). The drumbeat creates a trance, treat it respectfully.

Listen if you are curious.  Listen if you are in need of healing. Listen to bring balance to your relationship with Cannabis.  Honor the plant with other likeminded Humans.

Our Shared Stories are our Combined Power

Find out more about Quynn's approach to shamanizing at


Guided Meditation sample


This sample is the beginning of a guided meditation (also called a guided journey) with Quynn.  Hear her voice and her rattle and feel yourself slipping into a relaxing state of being.  Just under 3 minutes.


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