Full Moon Rattle Journey-Calm in the Storm


Fire, Wind, Water on this Earth. So much stormy energy right now. Who can you call on to stay centered? Blessings to you!

Full Moon Journey July 2017


Full Moon drum journey- with I Ching card number 10- Conduct.

A New Version of Self-New Moon SuperMoon June 2017


SuperMoon New Moon in Cancer, just after Solstice! Let it go and Redo!

Full Moon June 2017-Big Change in Slow Steps


Recorded in the White Mountains of AZ and NM. Happy full moon, our last before solstice!

Shagan-New Moon Journey April 2017


We are almost halfway between equinox and solstice. How is your life feeling? Any blind spots or dark areas that could use a fresh perspective? Ask that hiding moon!

Also, Mercury retrograde still looms...Any sticky areas in your life? Ask the moon for feedback.

New Moon blessings to you!

Until Full Moon


Full Moon April 2017 Ascension to the Upper World


The theme for this Full Moon journey to to Ascend to the Upper World for that which you need most right now. 

Rhythms of Mindfulness-March 2017


The focus of this rhythmic guided meditation is BLOSSOMING.

Shagan-Full Moon Feb 2017 Lunar Eclipse


Blessings to you for this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse! Ask the Moon for guidance!

Dark Moon New Moon Jan 2017-The Ultimate Darkness


Dark Moon is the darkest time, right before the New Moon reveals its light.  In this cold month, this time certainly feels dark for many reasons.  Fear, and fears, can try to trick us into giving in to it/them. Know you are never alone!

Who is there to help you when a fear reveals itself? Quynn's words, rattle and drum are your guides.  


Shagan-Full Moon Journey for January 2017


The first full moon of 2017, as well as the first full moon after solstice.  This is the first full moon of this new cycle, whichever way you look at it. 

In some traditions this moon is called the Wolf Moon, so for this journey we will work with Wolf and Raven to find that which offers us nourishment in these long nights and cold times. 

This episode is the first of 2017 and is offered here FREE for anyone to listen.  If you like it, and would like to receive these journeys each full and new moon, yet are not yet a member of the Web of life Audio Journey Club, you can join anytime!


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