Shagan-New Moon December 2016


This New Moon is the last of Gregorian year 2016 and the first after Winter Solstice. What seeds did you plant last year that did not grow as intended? Which ones did? What seeds for nourishment are you planting for this next year? Rattle and Drum guide this intentional journey.

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Shagan-Full Moon December 2016


OThis is the last full moon before Solstice, and the year 2016. We are also in a potent time culturally, and as humans.  This.journey is by rattle and wind chime. Black Tourmaline is a guardian. What do you need to know, see, do and be at this important time?

New Moon November - Trusting that which you Cannot See


The new moon is a powerful teacher about trusting and feeling that something is there, even when it is not seen. Voice, rattle and drum guide you to go within and connect with something/one that is there for you, even though you don't see it.

November 14 Full Super Moon-Grounding and Release


Greetings Kind People,

It is Full Moon in Taurus. An Earth sign, filled with determination and groundedness.  It is the week after the election, and you may have many feelings to process and release. I hope this is helpful. 

This Moon is a supermoon and is the closest the Moon has been to Earth for 68 years.  What prayers and intentions are you saying to, and asking from, this close Moon? 

This audio circle focuses on Grounding and Release, two very important skills and practices for these days, weeks and months.  Includes an introduction, guided meditation and a drum journey.  


New Moon Thinnest Veil October 2016


The first audio circle for Shagan journey club with Quynn Red Mountain.  50 minutes. 2 Drum Journeys.
Tis time of the Scorpio New Moon and the Thinnest Veil between the worlds.
Quynn pulled two I Ching hexagrams for our journeys today-
Sovereignty and Insight
What do your guides and ancestors want to share with you today?

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